Annual General Meeting 31/03/21

Treasurer’s Report – Steve Burnham

Income & Expenditure Account

  1. At the end of a very difficult year I am glad to say we appear to have survived quite well, this is due to a loyal membership who have supported the club throughout. The pandemic has had an effect on the membership with it falling from 113 in 2019/2020 to 95 this year which is still healthy. England Athletics have been ‘generous’ and have kept individual athlete’s fees at £15.00 each, with the club affiliation fee also remaining £150.00. Our committee has decided that as we have been unable to have our usual social events and subsidised races this year our subscriptions for 2021/22 will reduced to £20.00 for full membership with £15.00 for retired, student and second claim members. Social membership will remain at £10.00 per year. New members will pay £30.00/ £20.00 with the expectations that we will get back to ‘normal’ and start doing our social events again. Details of membership are shown in Appendix 1.
  1. The club still has a large number of buffs in stock. We also have a few ladies and gents running vests.
  1. We have amassed £812.55 from charity contributions raised at various events held by the club. This sum is made up from the £315.00 brought forward from last year, plus a further £99.00 made up of Toni Collier/Jan Green/Donna Jillings winnings from their 2020 Challenge and proceeds from Toni’s Christmas Treasure Hunt this means we have raised for this year’s charity – Staffordshire Search 31/03/2021 SJB 2 and Rescue £612.55. The remaining £200.00 will go towards next year’s charity. Details of all Income and Expenditure is shown in Appendix 2.

Statement of Assets and Liabilities

  1. We started this financial year with £2,463.56 in the bank and we have had an income of £3,760.55 against an expenditure of £2,215.55 giving a net profit of £1,545.00 on the year which means we will carry forward £4,008.56 into the next financial year.
  2. As we have not been able to use the facilities at Chase Leisure Centre we have also saved the £300.00 ‘rent’ for this year.
  3. We have a stock of buffs worth £695.56 plus the club flag which, taking into account depreciation, is now valued at £51.53. As we have no liabilities, this gives the club total assets of £4,755. Details of Assets and Liabilities are shown in Appendix 3.

Cash Book Summary 2020/21 (Appendix 4)

  1. I have included in this report the summary page of the cash book. Any club member is welcome to discuss the transactions with me and see full details of the cash book if required.

Financial Forecast 2021/22 (Appendix 5)

  1. I have included in Appendix 5 a Financial Forecast for the coming year and based on existing membership, income and costs we would show a £1,470.00 deficit over the year to March 2022.
  2. Although we will make a loss next financial year, with £4008.56 in the bank it is a deficit the club can afford.
  3. If any member wishes to discuss the forecast, please feel free to contact me.