Annual General Meeting 31/03/22

Treasurer’s Report – Steve Burnham

Income & Expenditure Account

  1. Yet again we have survived another difficult year. Membership last year dropped from 97 in 2020/2021 to 78 for 2022/2023. For the forthcoming year, we are expecting a further drop in membership based on the attendance at training runs. England Athletics have kept the club affiliation fee at £150.00 but have raised the individual athlete’s fees to £17.00 per athlete. The Harriers committee has decided that the club would absorb this rise from England Athletics and maintain subs at £30.00 for full membership with £20.00 for retired, student and second claim members, Social membership will remain at £10.00 per year. If the take up of membership this next year is near or lower than the anticipated figure of 56 then this will mean a cut back on subsidies for social events but if we can increase the number of members it will let us be more flexible. Details of membership are shown in Appendix 1.
  1. The club still has a large number of buffs in stock (369). We also have a few of the old ladies and gents running vests, men’s short shorts and tracksters which are being sold off at £5.00 per vest, £1.00 for shorts and £2.00 for the tracksters. We also have a few of the new vests and tee shirts at £20.00 (club is subsidising the cost of these).
  1. We have this year, managed to distribute all the outstanding charity money raised at various events held by the club over the last couple of years. To recap, £612.55 went to Staffordshire Search and Rescue at last year’s AGM and £478.00 went to the Stroke Association. In the summer we put on a 5k run/walk followed by a BBQ in aid of Jacquie Guthrie’s ‘Just Giving’ page for Cancer Research in memory of her husband Jon Wilkins and raised £506.00. Recently we paid out £329.00 to Jay Edwards ‘Just Giving’ page for Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.
  1. As a club, we supported the Stafford Ironman event in June 2022 for which we received an income of £500.00 and it is our intension to support the event again this year and hopefully will receive another £500 which will be a good boost for club funds but we need around 25 volunteers to be able to claim the income. (Details of income and expenditure is shown in Appendix 2).

Statement of Assets and Liabilities

  1. We started this financial year with £ £4,410.52 in the bank and we’ve had an income of £ £5,837.82 against an expenditure of £ £7,609.76 which gives a net loss of £1,771.94 on the year this means we will carry forward £ £2,638.58 into the next financial year.
  2. We have managed, via negotiations by Tim and Sara Rees to return to Cannock Leisure Centre for our winter runs without any costs which saves us £300 per year.
  3. We have a stock of buffs worth £667.95 plus the club flag which, taking into account depreciation, has now been written off. Last year we purchased a new gazebo to replace the “02” tent generously donated a few years ago by Neil Caswell. The cost of the gazebo including sign-written with the Chase Harriers logo was £681.60. Also purchased last year was a PA system and microphone which is most useful at Park Run takeovers, social events etc. The value of PA system is £158.89. As stated above, we have cleared all our charity liabilities so we are taking no debts or outstanding costs into the next financial year. Taking everything into account we have total assets of £4,226.02 going forward into 2023/24. (Details of Assets and Liabilities are shown in Appendix 3).

Awards Evening 2022/23 (Appendix 4)

  1. This year we returned to the less formal surroundings of Olde Wyrley Hall for the Awards Evening. Numbers were down on last year and we received mixed feedback as to the buffet and DJ so next year we will be putting out a pole amongst members to see what type of function with associated costs are preferred.
  2. The DJ costs were the same as 2022 prices but again feedback on the DJ and choice of music was not good.
  3. We did manage to keep costs down this year which meant cheaper ticket fees for members and taking into consideration the purchase of the awards the club subsided the event this year by £292.25 which almost halved to subsidy of £516.40 for 2022

Social Events 2022/23 (Appendix 5)

  1. This year’s Christmas get together was at the Hen House. It was quite well attended and a good buffet was provided. The cost, met by the club was £297.46 which was up by two third on the previous year.
  2. In November we held the Curry and Quiz night at the Darshan Nepalese restaurant in Bridgtown. Again this was fairly successful but could have been better attended. Each person paid individually for their own meals, which again worked well and the club only had to pay for the room hire and together with prizes cost the club was £270.70
  3. In the summers our 5k run/walk followed by a BBQ in aid of Jacquie Guthrie’s ‘Just Giving’ page for Cancer Research was very successful and well attended. Paul Scullion very generously provided the burgers and sausages which kept costs down meaning we raised £506.00 for Cancer Research.

Cash Book Summary 2022/23 (Appendix 6)

  1. Included in this report is the summary page of the club’s cash book. Any club members are welcome to discuss the transactions with me and see full details of the cash book if required.

Financial Forecast 2023/24 (Appendix 7)

  1. Included in appendix 7 is a financial Forecast for the coming year and based on predicted membership, income and costs we would show a £1,022.00 deficit over the year to March 2024.
  1. Although we anticipate making a loss next financial year, with £2,638.58 in the bank it is a deficit the club can at the moment afford and will leave us with an anticipated bank balance of around £1600 at the end of 2024.
  1. If any member wishes to discuss the financial forecast, please feel free to contact me.

Breakdown of Subs 2022/23 (Appendix 8)

  1. The 2 items that take the majority of each runners subs are England Athletics and social events (taking 76% between them).
  1. England Athletics courses takes 10%, race costs take 6% with miscellaneous costs taking the final 8%.