Chase Harriers Annual General Meeting

The Village, Hednesford
Tuesday 5th April 2022

Welcome By Chairman

A cheque was presented to Stafford Search and Rescue by Donna Jillings for the money raised during the 2020/2021 year. A thank you speech from the Charity was made detailing where the money would be spent and how thankful and reliant they were of donations made.


Charities that the club support are proposed by members. In 2021/2022 we supported Stroke due to one of our members been affected. At the meeting Paul Scullion put it to members to support Diabetes in Aid of friend of the club, Jay Edwards, who is running the London Marathon for this charity, which has supported his daughter. Jay Edwards produces Chase Harriers trophies and this year did them free of charge. Club members were happy and agreed to support this charity.

Annual Treasurers Report 

Steve Burnham presented a detailed 2021-2022 report, which included Income & Expenditure, Assets and financial forecast 2022-23. This Treasurers Report is available to everyone, paper copies were available on the evening and if anyone wants to be emailed a copy then request off Steve Burnham.  

The accounts were accepted.  

England Athletics are increasing their fees yet again, with this in mind and events back to normal. Chase Harriers have decided to increase their fees again from last years reduction. Fees this year will therefore be; 

£30.00 – Full membership 

£20.00 – Student/Retired/unemployed 

£10.00 – Social Membership  *A separate detailed Treasurers report exists

Matters Arising

Summer running on Cannock Chase from the White House carpark to commence on 12th April 2022. 

  • Club Meets.
    Due to Covid, Club runs have seen a drop in attendance. During the pandemic it was encouraged that runners got together in smaller groups. This has led to members meeting up in different locations, at different times. With us now returning to the Chase we want to regain that ‘Club atmosphere’. It was discussed and agreed that the start time should remain as 6.30pm on Tuesday and Thursdays (Steve Burnham will continue to post routes and Toni Collier will add a GPX file to these too as the locations of some points of the Chase caused confusion).

    In order to gain more variety to sessions and encourage attendance Toni Collier has asked Derek Loundes to put on hill training sessions, which he has agreed to, and Paul Scullion will put on time trials. Possible introduction of ‘run leaders’ was mentioned and the committee will discuss this. Those who attended the AGM all seemed keen for this.  Lack of attendance has also been extremely apparent on a Sunday morning with no attendees. Reasons for no one turning up on a Sunday include: races, Covid (meaning people again have their own plans), and the start time of 9.30am being late. Andrew Soltysik said that maybe we should focus on club meets during the week days for the next few weeks and hope that the Sunday meets will form up again. All agreed.  The future use of the Leisure Centre was also discussed and the committee will review this.
  • Cross Country.
    Derek Loundes mentioned the club not participating in The North Staffs Cross Country league. With rising costs and general lack of participants (pre-Covid) Still feel as a club we are making the correct decision as to not to enter. Declan Martin mentioned that we can however enter as individuals if wanted to. Members agreed with the decision and not to enter this event. 
  • New Members.
    Toni Collier and Paul Scullion are currently volunteering with a charity that is working with Couch to 5K. It is hoped that when their course is finished some members will join our group. Toni Collier and Donna Jillings hope to put another beginner’s course on in the summer again to recruit new members. Date to be confirmed.
  • Signing in sheets.
    We introduced a sign-out / sign-in sheet this year to ensure that everybody is home safely from each club run, which was embraced. A new way of signing in and out was suggested by Lloyd Fox in terms of an app (Spond) that he has used at other clubs and recommends. Members agreed that this seemed like a good idea. Lloyd Fox is now on the committee and this will further be discussed at committee meetings.
  • Parkruns.
    Cannock Chase Parkrun continues to thrive. However, all running clubs now work together every week rather than having one club per week. Yvonne Cooper said that it would be nice for Chase Harriers to ‘take over’ every so often wearing our kit to promote the club. This was agreed that this was a good idea and Paul Scullion will arrange.
  • Club Kit.
    Questions were made about the Club kit. As people want to buy new kit but do not want to buy old designs. This has been an ongoing issue as printers want an ‘up front’ fee of around £150 and often with a minimum number of orders of around 50. This is something that the committee are still looking into and will be discussed further at the next committee meeting.

Election of Officers

  • Chairperson
    Toni Collier (Proposed by Declan Martin and Seconded by Paul Scullion)
  • Vice Chairperson
    Donna Jillings (Proposed by Sara Rees and Seconded by Liz Dean)
  • Honorary Secretary
    Donna Jillings (Proposed by Steve Burnham and Seconded by Toni Collier)
  • Honorary Treasurer
    Steve Burnham (Proposed by Clive Jessop and Seconded by Declan Martin)
  • Social Secretary
    Sara Rees (Proposed by Paul Scullion and Seconded by Steve Burnham)
  • General Committee Members
    Lloyd Fox
    Jan Green
    Declan Martin
    Paul Scullion

Date for the Diary

Showground Relays 15th June 2022 with Dec Martin to arrange. The club subsidies this so please if you say you are going to attend then please do. 

Close of Meeting